Doctors and patients report lack of medicines in hospitals of the Social Security Institute

Medical personnel from the hospitals of the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS), as well as a large number of patients denounce the lack of medicines to treat catastrophic diseases.

For example, in the health units of several hospitals there is a shortage of sedatives to intubate patients with coronavirus.

«Minor sedatives were being used, this means that the people were not completely sedated at the time of intubation,» explained a specialist from an IESS hospital in Guayaquil, in an interview with Ecuavisa.

On the other hand, in Quito, several citizens have found it necessary to go to pharmacies, in search of prescriptions, since, they assure, drugs are not provided in IESS hospitals, so they must purchase them with their own money.

According to Gustavo Dávila, representative of the National Alliance for Health, the lack of medicines has been a constant, however, with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the situation worsened.

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