CNE sent electoral kits abroad without an Andean parliamentary ballot

This Monday, January 25, the National Electoral Council (CNE) began sending the electoral kits to all foreign delegations. The agency sent this material without the Andean parliamentary ballots, which have not yet been printed and, according to statements by the head of the CNE, Diana Atamaint, they would only be stamped since January 28.

However, the electoral packages were sealed and delivered to DHL for shipment to Europe and Latin America. Shipments to Asia, Africa, Oceania and North America will end on January 26.

According to the times that were established in the shipping contract, if the packages must arrive at their destination by Friday the 5th, they would have to be dispatched until today, Tuesday the 26th.

If it was waited until January 28, to start sending the electoral material, this would have caused a delay in the delivery of ballots in the delegations of Brazil, Egypt, Australia and South Africa, according to DHL.

The electoral body is still analyzing the feasibility of sending the ballots of Andean parliamentarians in a second shipment abroad, but this will depend on how quickly they start printing.

In the same way, this Thursday it should start the transfer of ballots to the most remote areas of the country, but the material that would reach these sectors would also be without the ballots to Andean parliamentarians, due to the delay that was mentioned.

The CNE is also considering the possibility that the election of Andean parliamentarians will take place in the Second Round, but this would depend on some factors, in addition, several political organizations indicated that this would be nonsense and that it would violate their political rights.

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