Students announce mobilization on January 28 against government measures

University students announced a national mobilization on January 28, 2021, together with the Unitary Front of Workers (FUT) to reject the measures of the Government of Lenín Moreno, which qualify them as neoliberal and harmful to Ecuadorians.

The Federation of University Students of Ecuador (FEUE) join what would be the first citizen march of this 2021 and within the last four months of President Moreno’s administration.

They will claim for the reduction of the budget for education and health that took place the previous year and has not been restored for this 2021. They will also demand a new Higher Education Law.

They announced that the mobilization will be carried out in all the country’s universities starting at 4:00 p.m. on January 28. Students join in on the workers’ action. They claim the mismanagement of the Government during the pandemic, which caused the loss of thousands of jobs.

One of the constant criticisms, during the 2020 marches, and which will also be a central point in the upcoming mobilization, is the rejection of the Humanitarian Support Law. In his opinion, a regulation that benefits employers and harmed workers.

The claim is also directed at «the neoliberal policies of the current government subservient to the IMF and the banks» and in defense of social security, they say in the statement.

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