Joe Biden to Sign Decree Increasing Food Aid for American Families

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the United States, at least 12 million children do not have enough to eat.

This Friday, January 22, 2021, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, will sign a decree that addresses the food crisis that several families live in the country. The president will wait for Congress to vote in favor of this aid package.

Joe Biden will sign two decrees, one that strengthens food aid for all citizens who line up at food banks, while the second will be focused on strengthening the social rights of federal workers.

Reports reveal that in the United States at least 12 million children do not have enough to eat, because schools used to provide food to the poorest infants, but with the closures of these it is impossible.

The president of the United States continues to work very hard to try to eradicate all the bad policies left by his predecessor in office, Donald Trump. In almost two days in office, Biden has already signed more than 30 decrees.

Source: AFP – El Nacional

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