The pandemic is a factor that affects the reduction of employment

The real estate sector and the manufacturing industry recorded a greater impact in 2020.

The economic crisis aggravated by the pandemic made the loss of employment become one of the latent problems at this time.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC), until November 2020, the Index of Jobs (IPT) was 77.26.

For the calculation, 2015 was taken as the base year, which is equivalent to 100. That is, since that year it has decreased by 22.74 points, until November 2020. The annual variation in November was -10.56%.

The activities with the highest incidence in the monthly variation of this indicator were: real estate activities and manufacturing industries, with -0.096% and -0.068%, respectively.

The IPT is prepared based on data collected in companies in the manufacturing industries, wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, transport and storage, accommodation and food service activities, information and communication, real estate activities , professional, scientific and technical activities, activities of administrative and support services, teaching and activities of human health care and social assistance.

As for the Index of Hours Worked (IHT), it was located at 72.10. With this, the monthly variation was -4.62%, compared to the previous month. For its part, the annual variation in November 2020 was -12.37%.

The items that influenced this calculation were manufacturing industries, with an incidence of -2.022%, and wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, with an incidence of -0.747%.

Added to these calculations is the Compensation Index, which in November 2020 stood at 119.28. With this, the monthly variation was 7.73%, compared to the previous month, which registered 3.12%. This element measures the total monthly remuneration as of the last day of the previous month received by employed male and female personnel, under the categories of employees and workers. The value excludes the payment of vacations, utilities and provisions.

In the eleventh month of 2020, the annual variation was 1.49%. At that time, the manufacturing industry reflected a monthly variation of 7.80%, a figure higher than that registered in the previous month, which was 3.05%. In addition, manufacturing had a 3.120% impact on the monthly variation of the index.

The INEC plans to present the employment figures on January 25. The document will make transparent the impact that the pandemic has had on the labor market.

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