First batch of Pzifer vaccine will arrive in Ecuador, says Lenín Moreno

The president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, announced that 86 thousand doses of the vaccine for Covid-19 from the pharmaceutical company Pzifer will arrive on Monday, January 18, until March.

Previously, the Ecuadorian authorities had announced that, in the first delivery, 50,000 doses of the vaccine will arrive in the country; however, as mentioned by the president, an agreement was reached with the main representatives of the US pharmaceutical company to increase the number of doses.

Moreno added that he has requested that in the second delivery of the vaccine, which will begin at the end of March, the number of doses increases to 4 million, from the 2 million announced.

In this way, the Ecuadorian government hopes to vaccinate 43,000 people, taking into account that each citizen requires two doses of the drug.

On the other hand, the immunization process against the coronavirus will consist of seven phases: confirming an appointment; the application of hygienic measures in vaccination units; explanation of the vaccination procedure; the vaccination process; registration, delivery of documentation and date for the second dose; and observation in the vaccination units for 30 minutes, reported the health minister.

In addition, the first doses of the vaccine will arrive at the airports of Quito and Guayaquil. Subsequently, the Pfizer company will take them to the 40 distribution centers, where they will remain under guard.

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