Andrés Arauz continues to lead the intention to vote in Ecuador, according to polls

The Click Report pollster published a study on the political and social panorama in Ecuador in December. In this analysis, the main voting trends in the country for the elections of February 7, 2021 are shown.

Surveys to find out the intention to vote in Ecuador were conducted with 2,280 men and women over 16 years of age, empowered to vote, in the main provinces of the country.

The margin of error at the national level is +/- 1.5% and the confidence level is 95%.

The study shows that the candidate for the Union for Hope (UNES), Andrés Arauz, leads the intention to vote in Ecuador. In second place, there is Guillermo Lasso and in third place, the former mayor of Azuay, Yaku Pérez.

Although the survey does not specify percentages for each candidate, it is established that the percentage of indecision, almost a month before the elections, is 44.07%.

The study also shows that the majority of citizens would agree to reduce the number of assembly members, maintain dollarization, turn the internet into a public service, forgive educational loan debts and that voting should be mandatory.

On the other hand, they are in disagreement with the free bearing of arms. Of the total of respondents, 71.71% consider that this is not a viable option in Ecuador.


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