María Paula Romo has to face justice for the dead and injured in October 2019, according to Jaime Vargas

The National Assembly resolution positions the legitimate struggle of the people last year, he added.

Jaime Vargas, president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), said that the former Minister of Government, María Paula Romo, has to answer to justice for the deaths, injuries and detainees in the framework of the national strike in October 2019 .

«The censorship and dismissal of Romo is not enough, the people expect justice.»

She stressed that the Conaie will follow up on the lawsuit against the State for the crime against humanity, which was filed on October 12, 2020, and from there it will also analyze the filing of a new complaint against the former official.

“Romo must face justice for being responsible for what happened in October with the excessive use of force that is recognized by the IACHR itself (…) She has to respond to justice and we hope that she does not flee, as did Richard Martínez and we don’t know where he is ”.

On the other hand, he stated that the resolution of the National Assembly to cease Romo in his functions, end up legitimizing the social struggle that was registered due to the economic measures imposed by the Government and the IMF: “And we hope that the Legislative will make the same decision with Oswaldo Jarrín, Minister of Defense ”.

Vargas clarified that despite Romo’s departure from the government, the indigenous movement is not willing to dialogue with the regime, since it considers that it does not have legitimacy:

«He has done nothing, everything is corruption (…) Lenín Moreno handed over all powers to the ministers, the president has not had the capacity to run the country.»

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