Interpol denies red broadcast against Walter Solis for considering that Ecuador has a politicized justice

The report will allow international courts to request comprehensive reparation for judges who sentenced the bribery case, he added.

Alembert Vera, Walter Solís’ lawyer, said that the Interpol report, released last Friday, November 20, 2020, shows that the 2012-2016 Bribery case was an absurd and illegal setup, therefore it denies the red broadcast against his client, arguing that in Ecuador there are no guarantees of a fair trial: «He also points out that the existence of political elements is denoted for the determination of processes.»

He described as shameful that the country is subjected to this type of questioning, because it is not the first time that Interpol has denied a red broadcast, hence he indicated that this would be beneficial for the rest of the defendants who have an arrest warrant, including the former president Rafael Correa.

Vera stated that the report will be decisive to act in International Courts where full reparation can be requested against judges, prosecutors and even certain media that, according to the lawyer, intentionally misled: “When everything has been false, when the Prosecutor’s Office had the obligation to guarantee judicial protection ”.

The jurist even cited a part of the document where Interpol questions Judge Iván Saquicela who went to a local media outlet to defend his sentence, when he did not even make it known to the defendants.

In this context, he recalled that an extraordinary protection appeal is still pending resolution, which would have the quality of modifying the final judgment: “Solis and three defendants were denied the right to defense, the appeal was denied, so we requested to the Constitutional Court that they still have time to restore legal morality to the country and not make us fall ashamed at the international level ”.

He clarified that the defendants in the Bribery case do not need a pardon or amnesty, only that it be resolved in law, declaring the nullity of everything that has been done.

«Since the arrest warrant and illegal detention suffered by Pamela Martínez and Laura Terán, regardless of their shameful behavior, that they were imprisoned for a tweet and in that anxiety that is included in an alleged document to mount the case.»

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