CNE registers seven pollsters to give their forecasts in the next elections

The results of the polls and electoral forecasts may be published by the media up to 10 days before the elections.

Six companies and one natural person were authorized by the National Electoral Council (CNE) to carry out electoral forecasts.

The Technical University of Cotopaxi is the last that was approved by the Council, after it fulfilled all the legal and regulatory requirements.

The educational institution joins the pollsters of Ronald Gabriel Sarmiento Martínez, the Center for Studies and Data Cedatos Cía. Ltda., A Outsourcing Jurídico Contable Cpasociados S.A., Eureknow S. A., Centroinvest Cía. Ltda., And Clima Social Estudios y Asesoría S.A.

Among the requirements that the counselors reviewed are the documents that certify that the company or natural person has experience in areas of social research, political marketing, public opinion or the like, and the list of professionals who will work with the interviewing staff, accompanied by the documentation that certifies their experience and academic training in the areas of social research, marketing or public opinion, among others.

According to the regulations to carry out this activity, the interested parties must submit an application for registration up to thirty (30) days before the day of the election, in the General Secretariat of the CNE and in the secretariats of the provincial delegations.

Likewise, the regulations establish that the results of the electoral surveys and forecasts may be published by the media up to ten (10) days before the day of the elections.

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