Ecuador registers 185.643 cases of coronavirus

According to the Ministry of Health, most new outbreaks can be attributed to “silent transmission”.

This Sunday, 767 new cases of coronavirus were registered in the country. This figure is part of the national report of the Ministry of Health that confirmed 185.643 cases with PCR tests

According to the Health report, 164.009 people have recovered, 22.811 were discharged from hospital, 389.385 cases were discarded and a total of 13.201 deaths were registered, among those confirmed with PCR and probable tests.

The provinces with the highest number of infections are: Pichincha (66.827); Guayas (23.656); Manabi (12.477); Azuay (11.385); and El Oro (7.073).

In relation to the number of deaths, Pichincha reports 1.884; Guayas 1.757; and Manabí 1.172.

In relation to the cantons, Quito reaches 61.491 cases of coronavirus this Sunday, while Guayaquil reports 16.369 patients.

The document of the Ministry of Health also mentions the cumulative number of confirmed cases that is divided for the population of each province since October 31, which shows that all provinces have an increasing trend due to community transmission. In this range are: Galapagos, Pichincha, Morona, Bolívar and Cotopaxi.

A week ago in this group were Pastaza, Pichincha, Carchi, Morona and Zamora.

Regarding the accumulated percentage of positivity of the PCR test, in the last four weeks, the Ministry of Health shows a sustained increase in Pastaza. While in Pichincha, Carchi, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo Tungurahua and Napo, the increase is minimal (less than 0.01%).

The entity called on the population to be aware of the risks posed by this disease and to maintain biosecurity measures, because the latest scientific tests would highlight that most of the new outbreaks can be attributed to «silent transmission.»

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