Brazilian justice denies extradition of Argentine repressor

The former member of the Esma is charged with crimes against humanity and his capture was ordered 15 years ago.

The Superior Federal Court of Brazil denied the extradition of the repressor Roberto Oscar González, who was a member of the School of Mechanics of the Navy (Esma), to be held accountable in the Argentine Justice.

According to the Brazilian instance, the crimes committed by González prescribed or are covered by the Amnesty Law that Brazil approved in 1979.

Among his acts, the repressor is accused of appropriating and substituting the identity of Jorge Castro Rubel, born during his mother’s captivity in Esma in June 1977. In addition, he is accused of being part of the group that kidnapped Rodolfo Walsh.

Survivors of the Esma reported that González took the baby to the Pedro Elizalde Hospital, where a doctor registered him as his own.

Human Rights Organizations stated that «in the case of González, three magistrates changed their vote, so in a unanimous ruling the STF applied the Amnesty Law of Brazil to crimes committed in Argentina and considered crimes against humanity prescribed, including crimes against humanity. disappearances «.

They added that «this ruling is a worrying precedent, which hampers the justice process in Argentina for crimes committed by the last civic-military dictatorship.»

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