Andrés Arauz leads voting intention in Ecuador, according to polls

The candidate for UNES would have 23% of the vote; while Guillermo Lasso 20%.

The pollster Clima Social published the results of its latest study. The survey revealed that the candidate with the highest preference for the Ecuadorian electorate is Andrés Arauz, followed by Guillermo Lasso and Yaku Pérez.

Social Climate used a simulation ballot to carry out the study and showed that 23% of the population would favor the UNES candidate. 20% for the CREO candidate and 12% for the former mayor of Azuay, Yaku Pérez.

On the other hand, the survey showed that, in the case of a hypothetical second round between Arauz and Lasso, the winner would be the candidate for UNES.

According to the study, if this scenario were to materialize, 33.4% of people would choose Andrés Arauz; while 27.7% to Guillermo Lasso. 16.8% would vote null, 13.4% have not yet defined their vote between these two options and 8.7% would vote blank.

Among the conclusions of this analysis it is explained that none of the electoral scenarios is definitive, since there is still a high degree of indecision on the part of the citizenry.

In addition, they reflected diverse opinions about the country’s top political leaders.

“Rafael Correa is seen as prepared to govern and close to the people, although accusations of corruption also weigh on him. Guillermo Lasso and Jaime Nebot have a negative charge due to their proximity to the government and because they are not on the side of the people ”.

Source: Social Climate

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