Women have lost more jobs than men in Ecuador during the pandemic

Furthermore, for socio-economic reasons and machismo, more than 800.000 women cannot even look for work.

The Minister of Labor, Andrés Isch, announced that women were the most affected during the pandemic. According to data presented by the official, women report an unemployment rate of 8% compared to 5.7% for men.

The minister reported that, between June and September, unemployment in the country fell from 13.3% to 6.6% before the Labor Commission of the National Assembly,

Historically, women have always been more representative in this area. For example, in September 2019, unemployment for women reached 6% compared to 4% for men. The pandemic increased the number of unemployed women by 15.7% between May and June of this year, compared to 11.6% of men.

«We must break the paradigm that hiring a woman is more expensive than hiring a man, since reality shows that companies that have more women on their payroll are more profitable,» explained the minister.

In addition, he mentioned that women earn 16% less than men. “As long as we do not improve the conditions of market access for women, we will not have equality. Women have problems in the formal market ”, he clarified.

The minister explained that there is open and hidden unemployment, the latter refers to people who are not looking for work, but if they have the opportunity they would take it. This last indicator is made up, for the most part, by women for various reasons: socio-economic, machismo, among other reasons.

At the moment, it is in 1% of hidden unemployment, which means that more than 800.000 women cannot even go out to look for work.

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