Peruvians people denounce police brutality and disappearance of people during peaceful protests

The Ombudsman’s Office demanded that the Police «immediately cease» the use of tear gas and pellets against citizens.

Citizens denounced police brutality on social media and posted videos showing how tear gas was fired from a helicopter. The policemen also threw pellets at people.

“The police blocked communications and shot directly at the body of the protesters. There were policemen in civilian clothes, detained and missing persons. And Peruvian TV says nothing, «denounced the identified Twitter user @MermeladaMagica.

The Press and Society Institute (@IPYS) for its part reported that journalists Alonso Balbuena and Ernesto Benavides were injured while covering the demonstrations.

«The police shoot journalists and protesters directly,» said IPYS in a tweet.

In social networks there is a video that shows how an undercover policeman shoots at the protesters.

In another video, a policeman asks his partner to shoot the protesters: «Kill him!», «Kill him!»

On Thursday thousands of Peruvians protested to express their rejection of the Merino government in many cities of the country. Merino assumed the presidency after Congress removed Martín Vizcarra last Monday.

Thousands of people gathered in San Martín Square, in the historic center of the capital, Lima, to say «Merino is not my president.» The response was repression and police brutality.

The Ombudsman’s Office published a tweet to demand that the Police “immediately cease the use of tear gas and pellets against citizens who exercise their right to demonstrate. Excesses can constitute serious crimes ”.

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