More than 10 thousand travelers who entered Guayaquil did not present negative PCR tests for coronavirus

The Health Ministry put some people in isolation and urged that biosecurity standards be met.

Presenting a PCR test with a negative result for coronavirus, within the deadlines set by the health authorities, is important to enter Ecuador.

Dr. Francisco Pérez, Health Zone 8 coordinator reiterated that bringing a negative PCR result is mandatory to enter Ecuador. In addition, the Ministry of Public Health requests a certificate issued no more than 10 days before landing. However, some airlines to improve flight safety ask for negative results issued in five days or less.

The official explained that this measure is essential in the pandemic, because between September 14 and November 10, 10,293 passengers entered Guayaquil without a PCR test and passed to Mandatory Preventive Isolation (APO).

“50,304 passengers have been received in Guayaquil alone in that period, of which 40,011 have shown negative PCR tests. This means that 1 out of every 4 passengers does not present their results, ”said Pérez.

The Health Zone 8 coordinator said that controls will be kept strict with international flights, especially with passengers arriving from Europe and the United States because those places show an increase in their number of infected.

For this reason, travelers go through a temperature sensor. In the event that they present symptoms related to coronavirus (fever, cough, general malaise, loss of smell or taste), regardless of the result of the PCR test, they will be evaluated by the health personnel.

The doctor said that two Spanish citizens arrived in Ecuador and remained in isolation in a hotel after entering with a negative PCR test for Covid-19, but when another test was done in a private laboratory for their return to Europe, the result was positive.

For the few days of the foreigners’ stay in Ecuador, it was known that they could have entered the country infected with the virus.

In this case, the personnel of the Ministry of Health carried out an epidemiological siege to seven direct care people in the hotel where they stayed.

According to Pérez, like this case there are many more who could arrive as carriers of the virus with a negative result and that is why the Health Portfolio maintains constant controls at the Mariscal Sucre de Quito and José Joaquín de Olmedo de Guayaquil airports.

Perez said that there are areas of hospitalization and intensive care in the Guasmo Sur, Monte Sinaí and Abel Gilbert hospitals that, but the irresponsibility of the people, this capacity will decrease as it happens in other countries.

Pérez explained that this week there is no considerable increase in cases, but that for next week they expect a slight increase as a result of the mobilization of the November holiday.

Through a statement, the Ministry of Health reminded travelers entering Ecuador that they must comply with biosecurity measures, as well as fill out the Traveler’s Health Declaration to have a record.

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