CNE reduced the budget for the presidential elections to USD 91 million

The vice president of the National Electoral Council, Enrique Pita, explained that, due to the economic limitations that the entity has due to the budget reduction for next year’s elections, the stipend for the people who participate in the process was reduced.

In the last elections, the remuneration that the people who were part of this process received was USD 20, but in the presidential elections of 2021 it will be USD 10, indicated the electoral counselor, José Cabrera.

The total budget for this electoral process is approximately USD 91 million. For the campaigns to disseminate the vote abroad and to encourage voting, USD 808.266 were established; for the presidential command and debate center: USD 168.000, which must be leased, because the Ministry of Culture denied the use of the Unasur headquarters building.

For car rental an expense of USD 664.692 is contemplated; payment for air and river freight for USD 84.254 for 198 polling places with difficult access; rental of tents, boards, tables and chairs for USD 27.226 and, in the economic compensation for the members of the Boards, USD 3’488.566 would be spent.

On the other hand, the item that would be spent for the quick count would amount to approximately USD 382.000.

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