Ecuador registers 175.711 cases of coronavirus

Ecuador registers 175.711 confirmed cases of coronavirus, by PCR tests; 442 more cases in the last 24 hours, while the number of deaths rises to 12.849.

Of the total number of deaths, 8.525 are confirmed by the virus, while 4.324 are probable deaths from this disease.

154.956 patients have recovered from covid19, which represents 88.59% compared to those confirmed by PCR. On the other hand, 22.028 patients have been discharged from hospital, while 471 are hospitalized in a stable manner and 335 people remain with a reserved prognosis.

Pichincha is the province with the most cases with 62.195; Guayas reports 22.883 confirmed; Manabí 11.650 and Azuay 10.900, among the provinces that have the most infected people.

In Pichincha, Quito is the city with the most coronavirus cases with 57.247; in the capital, in 24 hours, 142 infected have increased. The Rumiñahui canton registers 2.291 infections; Mejía 1.276; Pedro Vicente Maldonado reports 151 confirmed; San Miguel de los Bancos 180; Pedro Moncayo 178; Cayambe 706; and Puerto Quito 166 infected people.

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