Ministry of Health ensures that hospitals are not collapsed with cases of Covid-19

Xavier Solórzano, Vice Minister of Health of Ecuador, said that, despite the increase in coronavirus cases in the country, hospital beds nationwide are not saturated, as some had assured days ago. Currently, the country reports more than 174.000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and almost 13.000 deaths in the context of the pandemic caused by this disease.

Solórzano stated that infections increased in recent days due to citizen indiscipline on the October 9 holiday, as many citizens disrespected the biosecurity measures provided by the authorities.

According to the Ministry of Health, in the country there are 1.896 hospital beds for coronavirus cases and of these 33% are already occupied. Likewise, there are 464 beds in Intensive Care Units (ICU) for the most serious cases, of which 62% are already occupied.

The vice minister explained that these figures are increasing and that although there is availability of medical attention, citizens should not relax.

«We have 4 out of 10 free beds, but this does not mean that we have a license to kill,» said Solórzano.

To conclude, the official assured that the MSP is very concerned about the situation in the country in December, since these holidays could become a new source of contagion for Ecuadorians.

«Although there are still free beds in hospitals, whether they remain available will depend on the citizenry resuming biosecurity measures.»

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