Ecuador registers 220 suicides and more than 400 suicide attempts during the health emergency

Guayas, Pichincha and Santo Domingo are the provinces that register the most suicides during 2020

In Ecuador since the beginning of the health emergency, until last November 3, there have been 220 suicides and 429 alerts for suicide attempts, according to official figures from the ECU911.

The majority of suicides have been reported in Guayas with 34 cases, Pichincha registers 13; Santo Domingo 12, while Machala has 11 cases of suicide.

On the other hand, the majority of suicide attempt alerts were reported in the cities of Quito with 47 cases, Cuenca with 44, and Guayaquil with 37 alerts. The director of ECU911, Juan Zapata, indicated that many of these attempts managed to be prevented by video surveillance cameras, emergency calls and intervention by the guards.

On the other hand, the data handled by the ECU911 do not coincide with those presented by the National Directorate of Crimes against Life (Dinased), which states that suicides nationwide reached 978, from January to October.

Dinased reported that the majority of suicides registered in the country have been due to emotional problems with 350 cases; there are 321 cases due to family conflicts; while due to the economic crisis 106 people have committed suicide.

Experts believe that the families and close friends of a person who attempted suicide should be closer to him. They believe that the taboo that «a suicide attempt is to attract attention» should be left behind.

The authorities of different cities in the country have arranged different municipal departments to provide psychological help to all the people who have undergone a suicide attempt. In addition, for this type of case, the Ministry of Public Health has assistance through number 171, option 6.

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