Ecuador registered 2.553 reports of cybercrimes in the first seven months of this year

A total of 40 complaints correspond to child pornography.

Children and adolescents are targets of cyber mafias that take advantage of the pandemic to use them.

The most recent case occurred in Cotopaxi when Professor Javier S., 33, was detained by agents of the Cybercrime Unit.

Freddy Sarzosa, head of the Cybercrimes Unit, indicated that the man is accused of requesting through Facebook intimate videos of minors between 14 and 15 years old, taking advantage of his capacity as a teacher.

In Quito, four suspects of being part of a child pornography network were also arrested. The subjects operated in a home where cell phones and laptops with photographs of girls and adolescents were seized.

Confinement due to the pandemic brought with it a silent threat that favored criminal networks to approach minors.

According to police figures, 2.553 cybercrimes were registered in the country from January to July. Of that total, 40 complaints correspond to child pornography.

The recruitment of minors would be done through social networks, in which the criminals pretend to be children and thus manipulate their victims into sending them intimate photos and videos.

Once the minors fall into the trap, the criminals ask them to maintain physical and even sexual contact in exchange for not disclosing said images.

The authorities recommend that parents be present during the use of the Internet by children and adolescents. They even advise talking to them about the ease of opening a false profile, on the part of criminals to contact them

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