Elections 2021: 5 presidential binomials are registered and qualified

The political parties that already have their presidential candidates registered and qualified are: Democracia Sí, AMIGO, Ecuatoriano Unido, Izquierda Democrática and Alianza PAIS.

This Thursday, October 15, 2020, the National Electoral Council (CNE) approved and qualified the presidential binomial proposed by the PAIS Alliance movement, with this there are already 5 candidates approved to participate in the 2021 elections.

The PAIS Alliance is made up of Ximena Peña and Patricio Barriga, who could not be registered at first due to problems with article 95 and 97 of the Democracy Code.

The Contentious Electoral Court (TCE) also certified that citizens have no other problem and proceeded to approve their candidacy.

The other presidential pairs approved were those of the political movement Independent Mobilizing Action Generating Opportunities (AMIGO), of Pedro Freile and Byron Solís and also the candidates of Gerson Almeida and Martha Villafuerte of United Ecuatoriano.

Previously, the binomials of Gustavo Larrea and Alexandra Peralta from Democracia Si and the one from Izquierda Democrática formed by Xavier Hervas and Maria Sara Jijón had already been registered and qualified.

For its part, the CNE registers 6 registered but not yet qualified pairs, which belong to the Honestidad alliance, made up of the Concertación and the Ecuadorian Socialist Party, the Patriotic Society Party, Pachakutik, Avanza, Construye and also the CREO alliance -PSC.

Another five parties are in the process of rectification: Libertad es Pueblo, Unión Ecuatoriana, SUMA, Fuerza Ecuador (FE) and UNES.

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