Kyrgyz President resigns after days of protests

With the departure of the president, the third revolution that the former Soviet republic is experiencing would take place, in less than 15 years

Sooronbai Jeenbékov, President of the Kyrgyz Republic, submitted his resignation from office with the intention of facilitating a way out of the political and institutional crisis in which the country finds itself, after the parliamentary elections.

The president sees in his decision an important step to bring «tranquility to society» in his country. The protests were unleashed after the electoral bodies revealed the official results of the parliamentary elections on October 4, 2020.

“Peace in Kyrgyzstan, the integrity of the country, the unity of our people and peace in society are everything to me. I don’t hold onto power. I don’t want history to remind me of the president who spilled blood and shot his citizens. That is why I have made the decision to resign, ”Jeenbekov commented.

The results of the October 4 elections were accused of fraud by opposition citizens and politicians, who occupied various state buildings as a measure of protest. The parliamentary elections had to be canceled.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the former Soviet republics that has experienced the most instability. With the departure of Jeenbékov, the third revolution in the country in 15 years would take place. 3 former presidents have had to be jailed or resorted to exile.

Source: El Mundo – La Vanguardia

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