French girl found in Ecuador

The girl was taken from France by her father.

After eight months of anguish and search, Valéri López announced this Thursday, October 15, that her daughter Tessy Verrier, 3, was located and that her psychological wounds will take time to heal.

The girl was reported missing in February after being taken from France by her father, Jean-Louis Verrier.

In his letter, López said that Tessy was found physically well and that the most important thing is that he is already with her.

The mother indicated that Tessy stayed with her father during the vacation period and that on February 15 they agreed for the minor to return home, which did not happen.

After tracking migratory movements, it was determined that the man removed Tessy from France during the first week of February and arrived in Cuba.

Then she traveled to Panama and Colombia on February 11 to enter Ecuadorian territory by land through the Rumichaca international bridge, in the province of Carchi.

The woman arrived in the country after learning that a witness saw the girl on April 18 in Tumbaco, in the northeast of Quito.

Through a campaign on social networks and the help of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), which activated the yellow alert, the minor was found.

López preferred not to give details about how the discovery was and did not elaborate on the legal situation of her ex-partner.

«We want the authorities to resolve their future in law, we will respect their decision,» she said in her letter.

The Tessy case raised the debate on the effects of ‘parental kidnapping’ and the effects on the mental health of children and parents.

In the letter, the girl’s mother mentioned that the suffering of children when separated from their parents has been made visible, and also the suffering of fathers and mothers, when separated from their children.

«This is not about a gender war, this is about thinking a little more about the other, about the welfare of the most sacred thing that exists, childhood,» he exclaimed.

He thanked Ecuador for having recovered his daughter and added that at some point he will return to meet him together with Tessy, but without her being captive or hidden.

It is because that now her work will focus on repairing Tessy’s emotional and psychological health and that she will do it with patience and love as she has always had in her home.

The Association of Relatives and Friends of Disappeared Persons (Asfadec) also joined the search for the little girl and on this hopeful day the hundreds of cases of disappeared whose legal processes are still pending were also recalled.

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