In Ecuador citizens demand «Respect for Democracy» in the National Electoral Council

They reject a possible elimination of the Arauz-Rabascal presidential binomial

Dozens of people gathered outside the National Electoral Council (CNE), in Quito, to demand that their right to choose be respected in the next elections, in defense of the pairing of the Andrés Arauz-Carlos Rabascal political alliance.

The protesters arrived from different provinces to express their dissatisfaction with a possible elimination of the presidential binomial proposed by the political alliance Union for Hope.

Miguel Ángel Delgado, leader of the peoples and nationalities of Cañar, demanded that Democracy be respected in the country.

“It is not possible that this government is not stealing democracy in the XXI century. We have to show that four or five people cannot rule the whole country. We demand respect for democracy, ”he said.

In the first instance, this political alliance registered Andrés Arauz and Rafael Correa as its binomial for the presidential elections of 2021, but due to the execution of the Bribery Case ruling, the former president will not be able to participate as a candidate.

Given this, the challenge to this candidacy is expected so that his replacement, Carlos Rabascal, can be registered.

But several leaders of the movement warned that, just as they eliminated the Social Commitment Force movement, there would be pressure from various political actors to prevent the registration of the binomial and their participation in the elections next year.

The mobilization continues outside the National Electoral Council, in the middle of the stage of qualifying candidates. Applicants must register until next October 7.

So far, there are six presidential pairs that have been registered and the Plenary of the CNE must qualify or reject these candidacies.

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