Traffic accidents in Ecuador increased since June

10.020 traffic accidents were registered, Guayas and Pichincha are the provinces that have the most accidents until August 2020.

The National Traffic Agency (ANT) in its monthly accident report shows that road accidents have increased in the country since June. The months with the fewest road eventualities were April and May with 239 and 454 respectively.

In August 1.399 accidents were registered and so far this year the figure has reached 10,020. The figures for this year are lower by 38% according to the ANT, because, in 2019 for the month of August, the claims were 16.262.

Guayas is the province that registered the most road accidents last August with 568 and adds 3,913 accidents throughout the year, followed by Pichincha with 1,990 in 2020 and 246 only in August.

According to the ANT, the majority of accidents in August were caused by the recklessness of the drivers, who are distracted by cell phones, video screens, food or makeup, the figure for this cause reached 343 accidents.

Among the other most probable causes of accidents is the lack of respect for traffic signs with 267 cases in August. Exceeding the speed limit is third with 244, while 122 accidents were caused by driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotic substances.

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