Mining workers protested against judicial ruling that returns concessions to Isaías brothers

Filanbanco’s exactionists could recover the concessions and, with this, affect 5.000 people who depend on this work.

Dozens of miners from the Camilo Ponce Enríquez canton, in Azuay, protested against a court ruling that provides for the return of concessionaires seized in 2012 from the brothers Roberto and William Isaías Dassum.

Judge Nelly Parrales Córdova, from the Guayaquil Judicial Unit, is the one who accepted this Protection Action and ordered the reversal of the seizure of six mining concessions that appeared in favor of the Filanbanco exaccionisas

Given this, the Association of Miners 12 de Octubre and the Minervilla company demand that the Constitutional Court give way to the processing of an extraordinary protection action presented by the National Mining Company (Enami-EP), owner of the mining concessions, to that this court ruling is not executed.

For his part, Jorge Arias, representative of the mining companies, indicated that the return of the concessions could directly and indirectly affect some 5,000 people, whose income depends on these tasks.

«In principle, it has been tried to bring the issue through dialogue to reach a solution. However, the people in Camilo Ponce Enríquez are nervous and fear losing their jobs ”.

Similarly, the mining leader, Jorge Sánchez, urged the Constitutional Court to hear this request and stressed that the government authorities should respond to their requests.

“It is right that today we are heard by the different institutions of the State and the National Government and that the Court knows that we will continue to fight. We have not been listened to, all our offices have been shelved, but we are going to achieve this victory ”.

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