Candidate registration progresses for elections in 2021

One of the aspects that also remains to be defined is the budget. This Wednesday the technical groups are scheduled to meet.

Despite the fact that the registration of candidacies began on September 18, approximately 60% of the Provincial Electoral Boards and the Foreign Boards that are appointed by the National Electoral Council (CNE) are incomplete.

These bodies were integrated one day before registration begins and face challenges.

Of the 24 national boards, 10 have their five members, and the rest have four members. Although the Code of Democracy establishes that they meet with at least three members.

The objective of the Boards is to qualify -in this first stage- the candidatures presented by political organizations and to resolve citizen objections.

For this reason social and political groups are concerned.

Five challenges were resolved last Monday and the appointment of three members was annulled.

For example, Adolfo Ruiz was removed from the Los Ríos Board for being a member of Pachakutik (PK).

In Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas Diana García was challenged because in the last two years she would have belonged to a political organization.

The National Anticorruption Commission (CNA) was in charge of this challenge, as well as that of Josselin Mejía, who would be an advisor to the AP legislator, Manuel Ochoa.

In addition, as gender equality is not taken into account, the Santa Elena Board will be restructured because its four members are men.

In the case of Esmeraldas there are three women and one man; in Cotopaxi four men and a woman.

Meanwhile, in the province of El Oro, Miller Morocho was disqualified because he has pending tax obligations.

Yesterday, the Plenary of the CNE continued with the process of appointing Members of the Provincial Electoral Boards.

While that is resolved, the technical teams of the CNE and the Ministry of Finance will meet this Wednesday, September 23 to analyze the budget issue. This was announced by the counselor José Cabrera.

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