Amazon communities denounce illegal exploitation of balsa wood

Amazon community alerts about damage in its territory.

The Governing Council of the Sapara Nationality of Ecuador (NASE) denounced the exploitation of balsa wood.

The leaders announced that the trees are illegally cut in their territory, located in the jungle of the Pastaza province.

Nema Grefa, president of the Sapara Nationality of Ecuador (NASE), indicated that the loggers take the planks down the rivers towards the Puyo-Ambato highway.

Grefa said that there is a greed for the giant balsa trees, so she asks the authorities to find those responsible.

For each 1.20 meter raft tree, which takes between 4 and 6 years to grow, they pay between USD 2 and USD 8.

It turned out that the military and officials of the Ministry of the Environment carry out controls in the Shell-Mera sector and some trucks have not managed to pass them, as they do not justify the origin of the wood.

Yanda Montahuano, a community leader, said that there are companies that are taking advantage of the population’s lack of money to remove the wood.

She rejected this type of action that would be aimed at damaging her territory.

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