Ministry of Finance will allocate resources for the electoral process according to the needs and stages

On September 18, USD 3.12 million was allocated for the printing of ballots.

The Ministry of Finance clarified that it has not breached or hindered the 2021 electoral process and assured that it will work to ensure that the elections are carried out without setbacks:

«But guaranteeing the fair allocation of resources for the different stages of the electoral process according to the needs and programming of resources.»

The Ministry disbursed USD 3.12 million for the National Electoral Council (CNE) to sign an agreement with the Military Geographical Institute for the printing of ballots and electoral material.

On the same day, the president of the electoral body Diana Atamaint and the counselor José Cabrera questioned that the Ministry of Finance has allocated USD 1, 35 million for the hiring of the 125 members of the Provincial Electoral and Foreign Boards, in addition to 25 secretaries, stipulating a reduction in their wages.

The ministry pointed out that this reduction was made «under technical criteria recommended by the Ministry of Labor,» and that «resources for the next stages of the electoral process will be assigned as they are required.»

A remuneration of USD 2.368 is proposed for the members of the boards, but the CNE considers that it should be USD 2.597; for secretaries it was decreased from USD 1.212 to USD 986.

Atamaint indicated that the attitude of the Ministry of Finance hinders the process, something with which Cabrera agreed, who announced that they could file a complaint with the Contentious Electoral Tribunal for incurring in a serious infraction considered in paragraph 7 of article 279 of the Code of Democracy which indicates that:

«Very serious electoral infractions will be sanctioned with a fine from 21 unified basic salaries to 70 unified basic salaries, dismissal and / or suspension of participation rights from two to four years», to the «authority or official outside the Electoral Function that interferes in the functioning of the Electoral Function ”.

Finances in her letter calls for «a reflection.» «Is an obstruction to the electoral process a request for sensitivity to the complex economic situation in the country in which the entire society is making an additional effort?»

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