Former presidents of the region urge the Ecuadorian government to respect national and international standards in the electoral process

They warn that in Ecuador they are violating what is expressly contained in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of the United Nations.

Several progressive leaders in Latin America sent a letter expressing their concern about what is happening in the electoral process that has already started in Ecuador and they warn of obstacles to prevent the Citizen Revolution from participating in the elections.

Former presidents such as Cristina Fernández, Fernando Lugo, Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva, Ernesto Samper, José Mujica, Manuel Zelaya, Evo Morales, among others, signed the statement where it is highlighted that everything that happened violates what is expressly contained in the International Covenant on Civil Rights and Politicians of the United Nations in its articles 25 and 26.

In addition, it violates the provisions of the American Convention on Human Rights of the Organization of American States (art. 16 and 23) and in the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador (art. 11 and 95), which guarantees the right to free association , to non-discrimination and to the political participation of citizens

«We express our concern about the decisions taken by the Ecuadorian electoral authorities with the aim of banning the political group called» Citizen Revolution «, in which former President Rafael Correa participates, along with prominent Ecuadorian political leaders.»

They point out that there have been several eventualities for two years, such as the fact of denying the authorization to the Citizen Revolution three times to obtain their legal life and now, after finding an alliance with Fuerza Compromiso Social, the National Electoral Council has decided to eliminate said political organization based on a report from the Comptroller’s Office.

“This elimination comes after four years since that political group was legally approved, after having participated in three electoral processes and two days before the candidacy registration period. It is worth mentioning that, under the auspices of Compromiso Social, said political force obtained two of the three prefectures or governorates with the largest electoral volume in the country ”.

They mention that despite everything, the militants of the correista group have managed to participate with the “Democratic Center” movement. However, they emphasize that once again the electoral body, through one of its advisers, has made statements to the effect that they would not accept the registration of the Andrés Arauz – Carlos Rabascall binomial, alleging non-existent legal precepts.

This would result in the breakdown of democracy and the marginalization of millions of Ecuadorians who have expressed their willingness to support the political project of the Citizen Revolution.

«We urge the Ecuadorian authorities to respect the national and international principles and norms that ensure the validity of effective democracy in Ecuador.»

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