Ecuadorian CNE does not recognize Rafael Correa’s candidacy

The registration met the requirements demanded by the CNE: express, non-delegable and highly personal acceptance, according to Correa.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Ecuador decided on Tuesday not to recognize Rafael Correa’s candidacy for vice presidency, despite the fact that the former president met the requirements demanded by the entity: express, non-delegable and highly personal acceptance.

After being elected in the primaries of the Democratic Center party, Correa would conform as vice president the binomial that would represent said group in the elections, along with Andrés Arauz, as presidential candidate.

Because Correa is currently in Belgium and in Ecuador arrest warrants are in force against him, his sister and legal representative Pierina Correa and his running mate, Andrés Arauz, attended the CNE headquarters on this day to comply with the provisions.

To complete the process, they came with a power of attorney in which the former president empowers his family member to accept the candidacy. In addition, to stamp your electronic signature as proof.

The CNE introduced a last-minute change to its regulations, in which it requires candidates to appear in person to complete the process, which prevented the registration from being formalized.

Before the decision, Correa shared on his Twitter account the electronically signed form of acceptance of his candidacy, explaining that the rubric meets the three requirements demanded by the CNE. «Telematically we were in front of a CNE delegate and in the respective offices,» he added.

Likewise, from the Democratic Center party, they demonstrated against the decision. «We reject the unconstitutional act that the CNE intends to forge.»

In this regard, Arauz said that they will insist on Correa’s nomination, despite the fact that the pre-candidacy period ends on September 3.

«In the democratic game there must be fair play. The country is fed up with the bad vibes, the traps, the obstacles, the persecution. We simply want to participate and have our rights respected,» said Arauz.

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