Citizens protested against insecurity and the placement of fences in the historic center of the capital

The inhabitants of the Historic Center of Quito are very concerned about the image of this sector, since it was declared as a protection zone and to avoid destruction as in the protests of October 2019. In addition, every September 8 is the anniversary of the declaration of Quito as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

It is the third consecutive week that the neighborhood and owners of commercial premises of the Historic Center of Quito protested against insecurity. This Tuesday, September 1, at 10:00, they held a demonstration in the Plaza de San Francisco with banners, whistles, megaphones and harangues.

On their march to the Plaza Grande in the vicinity of the Municipality building, they demanded that the authorities carry out security operations indefinitely and not only until September 6 as planned.

The coordinator of the Front for the Defense of the Historic Center, Pablo Buitrón, supports the operations to stop crime, “we consider that the changes should be essential in terms of security. That is why we ask for the declaration of emergency of the colonial helmet so that directions can be given as a result of that measure ”.

“Next September 8th marks an anniversary that Quito was declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is not fair that the Plaza Grande remains surrounded by metal fences, ”Buitrón laments.

The administrator of the Pasaje Vaca shopping center, Víctor Hugo Salvador, who is on the streets of Venezuela and Flores, assures that frequent crimes are armed robberies and snatches. “We are desperate because of the insecurity and street sales. It is not enough that the interventions take place for a week ”.

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