President Moreno declares a state of exception in the prison system

In the last days 10 prisoners died in the Litoral penitentiary

The President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, decreed a state of exception in the prison system for the recent acts of violence. In 2019 this measure was also in force.

The death of more than 10 inmates in the Guayas penitentiary once again aroused security alerts inside the prisons in the country.

After the murder of an Israeli citizen, linked to the case of the irregular sale of medical supplies, and who revealed that Jacobo Bucaram was one of its buyers, President Moreno decided to implement the state of exception in the prison system.

The objective, he said, is for the Armed Forces «to join the control of the mafias that are creating chaos in prisons.»

In 2019, the Prime Minister already applied this measure. In May of that year, increasing violence inside the country’s prisons forced the authorities to take action. The state of emergency lasted until August 15, 2019.

Despite this, during those 90 days, 14 people deprived of liberty died in the different prisons of the country. There were more than 40 police officers injured in the attempt to disperse the clashes and riots.

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