Candidacy registrations for the 2021 Elections will be online

Source: El Telégrafo

The CNE assured that it will guarantee due administrative process to the organizations that received observations from the Controller.

In the Extraordinary Session No.021 of the virtual Plenary in the National Electoral Council, the Regulations for the registration and qualification of candidacies for the 2021 Elections were approved, which may be through the institutional web portal.

In addition, the CNE will guarantee due process and the review of defense evidence for the Citizen Revolution and three other political movements that received observations from the General State Controller’s Office.

National Electoral Council (CNE) has started the Extraordinary Session No.021 of the virtual Plenary, which unanimously approved the Regulations for the registration and qualification of candidates for the 2021 Elections.

This regulation was previously shared with the political organizations, which presented their observations and contributions.

According to the CNE statement, «the Regulations for the Registration of Candidates regulate organizations that aspire to participate in electoral processes, which must comply with internal election processes and the principle of parity established in the Democracy Code.»

Due to the health situation, «the registration of candidates for the 2021 Elections can be done online, through the institutional web portal in accordance with the established protocols, or in person with biosafety measures.»

The virtual Plenary approved the «Regulation on Natural or Legal Persons Making Electoral Forecasts for the 2021 Elections», in relation to the provisions of the Democracy Code.

Also, complying with Art. 384.1 of the Code of Democracy, unanimously, the Call and Agenda Proposal for the third session of the Advisory Councils was approved, which would be held on Monday, August 17, 2020 at 09:00. In which the planning of the electoral processes will be strengthened, indicated the Head of the CNE Diana Atamaint.

At the end of the Plenary, they indicated that the CNE would guarantee «due administrative process to the organizations: Fuerza Compromiso Social, Justicia Social, Podemos and Libertad es Pueblo, in accordance with Article 194 of the Administrative Code» and approved «starting a period of 30 days to review the discharge evidence ”.

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