Police monitor prisons in the country after the death of prisoners from the Litoral Penitentiary

Photo: El Comercio
Photo: El Comercio

Prosecutor’s Office investigates the alleged perpetrators of the fight.

After the death of 11 people in the Litoral Penitentiary, the authorities implement operations in the country’s prisons.

While relatives of the prisoners prowled around the exterior of the Social Rehabilitation Center, inside the policemen went through the cells and found heavy weapons, automatic pistols and 368 ammunition of different sizes. But it is estimated that there is still hidden material.

Preliminary reports suggest that detainees have stashes with firearms.

The agents reviewed pavilions 3, 5, 6 and 7 in which the quarrel between the criminal gangs of ‘Los Choneros’ and ‘Los Lagartos’ occurred.

The National Police reports that these two organizations have been present for 5 years, their criminal economy is based on drug trafficking, so their confrontations are frequent. There are reports of deaths in streets and prisons.

In the case of ‘Los Choneros’, the police admit that they maintain an illegal activity that grows, especially when their leader, alias ‘Rasquiña’, is free, since he left the Cotopaxi prison last June. But inside there would be new bosses.

With this information, the Prosecutor’s Office, the entity that carries out the investigations, does not rule out that the events that occurred last Monday in the Penitentiary bring consequences in other prisons in the country.

Under this presumption, operations increased in the other penitentiary centers.

Most of the deaths recorded on Monday belonged to the La Los Lagartos ’gang.

In 2019, 16 murders were counted. The threats among gang members were also evident on social media.

In a video, a group of inmates burns a lizard-shaped puppet. The protagonists define themselves as members of ‘Los Choneros’, who are being held in the Turi prison in Cuenca.

‘The Lizards’ would be known to have a network of hit men at their service and their boss, alias ‘Caps’, would have died on June 29 of the coronavirus.

The Police also watch neighborhoods in the south of Guayaquil where there are cells from these organizations dedicated to the hiring and selling of drugs.

In addition, as a result of the investigations, the Prosecutor’s Office has already identified two people who have started the fight.

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