Peru exceeds 17,000 deaths for coronavirus

The new health minister confirmed the existence of an underreporting, while authorities indicate that only the real numbers of deaths will be known when the pandemic passes.

Peru officially registered more than 17,000 deaths from Covid-19 after adding 188 new cases and adding 3,688 deaths between the months of March and June, which were not taken into account by the Peruvian state.

The current number of deceased is 17,455, according to the new health minister, Pilar Mazzetti, who evidenced the new record:

«According to the results of the last 24 hours, we have registered 13,767 deaths, but to this we will add 3,688 dead people,» he said.

Those who died in the last 24 hours are 188 people who joined the new reports.

Since last March, the Peruvian authorities have warned that the figures may be higher than what has been reported so far, and that the general balance of mortality in the country will only be known once the pandemic has been overcome.

The contagions, on the other hand, are accounted for at 366,550, to which 4,463 new positives are added, representing the largest increase in one day since last June 14, this in simultaneous, with the launch of the plan of lack of control and economic reopening .

After the quarantine is officially lifted, infections continue to increase in 18 of the 25 regions of the country

The official balance of deaths due to coronaviruses in Peru has become a questioned subject according to the local press, because it is estimated that the number of deaths exceeds 44,000 deaths if cases with suspicion are included.

The New York Times published, in the first days of July, a study on the death toll in Peru, which maintains that the government underreported the actual death rate, and that mortality in that country, between April and June, was 136%.

With 33 million inhabitants, Peru is the second country with the most cases of coronavirus in Latin America after Brazil, and the third in terms of deaths; Brazil and Mexico, respectively, are in the first two places.

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