Chile: nine elderly people die at home due to Covid-19

(Prensa Latina) Nine elderly people who lived in an old nursery in Valparaiso region of Chile died as a result of the Covid-19, confirmed health authorities in that territory.
The deaths of elderly people living in public and private facilities have been repeated since the beginning of the pandemic in this South American country, and this time the event corresponds to a home in the town of Cabildo.

Jaime Jamett, Health Secretary (Seremi) of Valparaiso, confirmed these deaths and also reported that in a long-stay facility for the elderly (Eleam) in the port of San Antonio, in the same region, after a worker tested positive for Covid-19, was necessary to perform PCR tests on all residents and employees.

In statements to Jamett said that outbreaks of Covid-19 have been reported in various Eleam in Valparaiso.

Alonso Cuadra, regional coordinator of the National Service for Elderly People in Valparaiso, said that in the San Antonio eleam where the nine elderly people died, two other elderly people had to be moved to another residence to avoid infection.

In the Valparaiso region, he said, the death rate is 1.8 deaths for every 100 infections, but in the case of elderly peoples homes, this indicator is multiplied by 20.

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