Postal workers demand the elimination of the executive decree with which the entity would be closed

Workers say that the company is self-sustaining and there are other interests to end the 189 years of institutional life.

Postal workers from Ecuador gathered outside the matrix located on United Nations Avenue and Japan, in Quito, to request the repeal of the Executive Decree that would end the 189 years of institutional life.

H├ęctor Meza, a worker of Correos del Ecuador, reported that the company is not bankrupt, as it wants to be seen, and that it is self-sustaining. He questioned whether it wants to close it when international agreements are maintained.

In this context, he said that it would seem that there are economic interests that undermine the 916 families that make up Correos del Ecuador.

He acknowledged that due to bad administrations it wants to be closed, but he insisted that being a public company it is self-sustaining and can be saved.

He urged citizens to defend a company that is a symbol of the country and encouraged other public servants to join the fight since there are other public companies that are in a similar situation.

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