In Ecuador, the Prosecutor’s Office will appeal the sentence against the priest of Guápulo

The Court tried him for the crime of sexual abuse and not for rape.

 The Prosecutor’s Office will appeal the conviction against Néstor Genaro B. C., pastor of Guápulo.

The Pichincha Criminal Guarantees Court – by majority vote – sentenced him to the aggravated sentence of six years and eight months of deprivation of liberty for the crime of sexual abuse, perpetrated against a 14-year-old teenager.

The Prosecutor’s Office questioned the judges’ decision once the entity investigated, prosecuted, and accused the pastor as the direct perpetrator of the crime of rape.

Ximena Mora Heredia, prosecutor specialized in investigating crimes of gender violence, will appeal the ruling because the entity requested a sentence of 29 years and four months for the crime of rape.

The trial hearing was reinstated on May 21, 2020, in the North Judicial Complex with all biosecurity measures.

In this case, the Prosecutor’s Office presented about 17 testimonies of witnesses and experts, who pointed out that the defendant, fifty years old, committed rape.

Néstor Genaro B. C. was the coordinator of catechesis in Guápulo and offered the adolescent the position of assistant, so she went to the parish priest’s office for several Saturdays to collaborate in the work. But on one of those occasions, he sat her on his legs, touched her private parts, inserted his fingers and forced her to kiss him. That was revealed by the victim in her testimony.

During her intervention, the prosecutor in the case stated that the defendant, abusing the power he had, deceivedly led the victim to his office, where he committed the crime of rape.

On that occasion, the prosecutor also reminded the Court that the accused used the same way of operating in another case, whose victim was 10 years old.

The victims are sisters and alerted their mother to the situation. This case caused a stir in the community that wanted to lynch him.

Source: Prosecutor’s Office, social networks

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