Petroecuador infrastructure will be leased for private importers, said René Ortiz

The Minister of Energy, René Ortiz, reported that with the release of the price of fuel, any private actor will be able to import, for which the Petroecuador infrastructure has been leased.

«The private actor does not have infrastructure, but Petroecuador does, so the company has the possibility of leasing ports, docks, pipelines, maritime terminals, it can lease to be able to import fuels.»

On the other hand, regarding the Esmeraldas Refinery, he said that the concession process is intended for the private sector to take over its administration. He indicated that the objective is for the new operator to build a new high-conversion train to obtain high-octane gasoline: «That process will continue, it is already underway.»

The official said that at the same time other concession processes will be carried out because the fiscal box is dry: «This type of management can no longer be addressed with state companies.»

Source: Teleamazonas

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