322 unemployed after the disappearance of the Railway Company in Ecuador

The leader of the Company Committee warns that two thousand families that own businesses will lose their economic income.

The President of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, authorized the liquidation of the Ecuadorian Railway Company through executive decree 1057.

This public company was incorporated in 2010 and until 2015, $ 387 million was invested in the Government of President Rafael Correa to rehabilitate more than 500 kilometers of railroad.

According to Marco Ávila, president of the coordinating company of Public Companies, Ferrocarriles del Ecuador operated with seven routes, of which only two generated profits.

Marcelo Tapia, machinist, general secretary of the Single Company Committee of Ecuadorian Railways, expressed his dismay at the elimination of a company with history and cultural heritage.

The protestron workers against the elimination of the company so that the president reverses his decree, and for the defense of his labor rights, Tapia said.

The union leader considers that the company should not be closed and the agreement of the Ministry of Culture, issued in 2008, should be declared to prevail, which declared railway workers a Civil Monument and Historical Testimonial Heritage.

With the disappearance of the company, Tapia warns that 322 families would be left without their source of income, at the country level, without taking into account the ventures that were generated along the railway line, which number around two thousand families.

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