Government of Ecuador again denounces the website of Pichincha Universal

The Presidency of Ecuador demanded the illustrations of our media for copyright and this could cause the closure of our portal

On May 20, 2020, the Government of Ecuador sent 27 complaints against the Pichincha Universal News Portal for an alleged copyright violation.

Among the alerts that were sent to our server by the Director of Digital Communication of the Government, Santiago Acosta, are public photographs and own illustrations that have been used to graph the journalistic notes.

After multiple complaints for allegedly violating copyright, after using public photographs of different ministries and government entities (which they themselves send to journalists to graph the notes), the Pichincha Communications Portal decided to use illustrations to graph their news, about everything, when they refer to President Moreno or his Cabinet.

This is one of the photos that was reported on the server where our Portal is hosted. It was signed by Santiago Acosta on behalf of the Government. The illustration is from the Pichincha Comunicación and the photo of President Donald Trump includes the source from where it was taken.

These attacks have been constant. In 2019, more than 500 complaints were registered by the Government and a direct complaint by the Ministry of the Interior, now the Government Ministry.

In addition, 7,562 attacks were registered on our website in May 2020, which have been overcome by the technical team of the media.

In February, the Presidency’s Ministry of Communication itself issued a statement to announce that the official who was issuing, at the time, the complaints against various media outlets, for using the image of President Moreno or any public institution, was separated (after the claims of Portal 4 Pelagatos that were also affected) and assured that they respect freedom of expression.

Today, Pichincha Universal receives again complaints on the server, which could cause a possible closure of the Portal

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