Comptroller evidences overpricing of more than 1.200% in the purchase of body bags in Guayaquil

The material was purchased with a difference of at least USD137 per unit

The General Comptroller of the State (CGE) approved two new reports with indications of criminal responsibility for the acquisition of body bags at the Los Ceibos and Guasmo Sur Hospitals, in the midst of the health emergency by COVID-19.

The body wrapping bags were purchased with a difference of at least USD137 each unit. In the global values, overprices are observed that represent 1.283% in the Hospital del Guasmo Sur for 144 bags, and 1.311% in the Los Ceibos Hospital for 4.000 bags.

Criminal reports indicate that the sum of both acquisitions should not exceed USD 46.910.

In both processes, irregularities were identified in the pre-contractual phase, which benefited the contractors. In the case of Los Ceibos Hospital, officials did not justify why other providers were not sought.

On the other hand, it was not considered that the public purchasing portal contains acquisitions made by other entities with prices much lower than those proposed by the chosen supplier.

In Guasmo Sur, officials invited a supplier who is not registered in the Central Product Classifier with the code to offer these medical supplies to participate directly. Nor has it made payments of the Income Tax.

These contracts, says the Comptroller’s Office, evaded the procedures of the Organic Law of the National Contracting System.

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