In Ecuador, more than 3.000 occasional contracts will not be renewed

Spending on wages for this year was estimated at USD 8 897 million in the Budget.

 Economy Minister Richard Martinez announced that 3,500 occasional contracts ending this month will not be renewed.

The measure is part of the cut in wage expenditures to be carried out by the Government and to which are added the reduction of working hours and the restructuring of entities to reduce the size of the State. This represents USD 980 million.

The termination of occasional contracts and the reduction of the two-hour day for Executive Function employees will represent a cut of USD 500 million. To these are added USD 480 million, which will be cut with the restructuring of public entities.

In a radio interview, Martínez explained that the reduction of two working hours will only apply to the Executive Function and that the other functions have been asked for an expense optimization plan.

According to the Secretary of State, the reduction of the two-hour day will represent a 16% drop in the monthly salaries of officials.

This adjustment does not include medical personnel, the Armed Forces, and the Police, who are in the front line due to the health emergency.

In the case of teachers they will have a reduction of one hour. The Minister of Education, Monserrat Creamer, specified in a television interview that this reduction will be temporary, «not less than six months.»

According to Finance, the salary expenditure for this year in the Budget was estimated at USD 8 897 million, but that amount will be adjusted.

Source: El Comercio, social networks

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