CNE enables address change system for 2021 elections

Until June 14, the change of address may be made through the website of the National Electoral Council (CNE), for the elections of 2021.

The procedure is available from May 16 and allows each citizen to fulfill their right to vote in an area close to their place of residence.

To carry out the process, a citizenship card, passport or consular identity document, a photograph and a basic service form (electric power, water or telephone) are required. In the case of Galapagos, the permanent or temporary residence card must be included.

The first thing you should do is enter the web portal, then register the user at:

For those who live abroad they must enter:

Subsequently, they must register their ID number, email, password, provide personal data and requested documents.

The CNE also set up telephone support contacts nationwide to carry out this procedure.

The electoral body also plans to enable this service in person, but everything will depend on the color change of the traffic light system.

In the event of a health emergency, the CNE will carry out a change of address without taking into account the validation of fines for not having paid in previous elections, without this meaning the exemption of the fine.

Source: El Universo, CNE, social networks

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