VA Television journalist was alerted to a possible boycott before an interview with former President Correa

In February, the interviewer was attacked outside his home.

After finishing his interview with former President Rafael Correa, the journalist Víctor Aguirre, from VA Television, from the Naranjal canton, Guayas province, announced that he had to transmit it from another site because he was alerted to a possible boycott to prevent it from taking place.

«In fact, yesterday they cut our fiber optics, we will notify the authorities because there are people who do not like to lose and we know who they are,» the interviewer emphasized.

He thanked those who were aware of the interview, as well as the media that linked to it.

On February 8, the manager and owner of VA Television, Víctor Aguirre, made a verbal complaint to the National Police, after being the victim of an explosive attack on his home on February 4.

On that occasion, they assured him that the process would enter the Prosecutor’s Office on Monday, February 10 to continue the investigations.

But in this case, there is already an antecedent, because on December 19, 2019, Aguirre denounced Fundamedios that he was threatened by the mayor of the Naranjal canton, Luigi Rivera, after the publication of a news story on October 7. He also alerted to suspicious actions that occurred previously, outside his home, when they tried to rob him.

Correa sympathized with what happened and said that he also suffers a media blockade even more with the sentence in the Sobornos case, which he called «cantinflesca».

He expressed that he does not believe in Ecuadorian justice and that the bribery for which he was sentenced to eight years in prison never existed.

He maintained that despite the fact that the last instance would be an appeal, he does not think he will get there, so it is clear that they wanted to leave him out of the 2021 elections.

Correa sympathized with the Ecuadorian people because of the pandemic and he said that this government has failed to manage the crisis because Ecuador is one of the countries with the highest number of deaths.

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