Twitter «trolls» campaign promotes US military intervention in Venezuela

Several of these accounts post up to 30 tweets per minute and use automation tools.

A destabilizing campaign that motivates a military intervention by the United States in Venezuelan territory has been generated on the social network Twitter and would have been promoted by at least 5,000 accounts that, under the hashtag #VenezuelaConfiaEnTrump, have tweeted up to 16,000 times.

According to Julián Macías Tovar, an activist against digital disinformation, one of the groups that organized the campaign is the so-called «Keyboard Warriors» that, with images, promotes the military invasion.

The expert explains that the hashtag that was the number one trend on Twitter in Venezuela, was driven by 16,000 tweets launched from some 5,000 accounts. Of which there were some 2,000 original tweets from over 600 different accounts.

«There were many tweets from Miami and Colombia. The protagonism of Tito Rodriguez, and of «Petare» in relation to Wilexis, is striking, «explains Macías on his personal Twitter account.

This troll operation – a computer group that works with several accounts to promote campaigns of all kinds on social networks and influence public opinion – would be operating with automation tools that publish several tweets per second.

According to the specialist, the account with the most tweets is @VzlaConTrump, which generated more than 400 tweets, sending an average of 20 per minute.

«As you can see in one of the screenshots, he can launch more than 30 tweets in 10 seconds,» he says.

The next one with the most tweets is “Alberto Paniagua” @albertoestiburo, who would use the Follow / Unfollow method (he has to follow and stop following). He has 160,000 posts and launches them at 30 per minute.

To this are added accounts such as «Lady in Black»; «Dr Al Capino» or «Frank Ramirez», are also participants in this campaign according to Macías.

«We could follow, dozens of accounts that automate their growth in a prohibited way, that clearly use automated systems that allow them to launch several tweets at the same time, and disseminate both to accounts of the Spanish extreme right and that request a Yankee invasion,» says the activist in a thread on twitter, which details the entire destabilizing troll operation.

Source: Twitter Julían Macías Tovar

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