Four new suspects captured in Venezuela for attempted coup

«At this time we are still in pursuit of terrorists,» said Nicolás Maduro

This Wednesday, May 6, four new suspects for an alleged attempted armed incursion were arrested in an operation carried out by Venezuelan intelligence. This was reported by President Nicolás Maduro at a press conference.

«I wanted to hold this press conference to report the capture of 4 new terrorists,» said the president, adding that «the negotiations to overthrow the Venezuelan government and the contract were ordered by Mike Pompeo.»

According to Maduro, the American president, Donald Trump, has ordered President Iván Duque to initiate an operation against Venezuela. In addition, he clarified that «the only relationship that the Venezuelan government has with the FARC is the peace agreement signed in Havana.»

Likewise, Maduro affirmed that there are no detained Colombian citizens and added: «At this time we are still in pursuit of terrorists.»

In this context, the sector vice-president of Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez, presented, on Tuesday May 5, evidence of the direct connection of the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó and the Venezuelan right in the attempted invasion that occurred last Sunday.

On the other hand, the Venezuelan president referred to the health emergency caused by COVID-19 and stated that better conditions are expected to make the quarantine applied in Venezuelan territory more flexible.

Regarding the repatriation of Venezuelan citizens, he clarified that this Wednesday the first flight with 228 compatriots will arrive from Santiago de Chile. «We have received more than 22,000 Venezuelans from Colombia,» added Maduro.

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