104-year-old woman, who survived the Spanish flu, beats the coronavirus

Ada is the second known case of a centennial cured of this pandemic

Ada Zanusso, a 104-year-old woman residing in Biella (Italy), overcame the COVID-19 pandemic on April 04, 2020 and became one of the oldest patients to overcome the spread of coronavirus.

On March 17, the centennial woman began to present symptoms such as fever, vomiting and difficulty breathing. However, on April 4, she was discharged and is back at the residence where she lives with other elderly people, some of whom have died due to the viral spread, according to local media.

Ada was born in 1916 and lived in the period of the First and Second World War, in addition, she is a survivor of the Spanish flu of 1918 and is currently the second known case of a centennial being cured of the coronavirus pandemic.

A hospital doctor where Zanusso was staying uploaded a photograph to social networks and indicated: “She is Ada Zanusso de Biella, born in 1916. She went through two world wars and the Spanish flu. At 104 years old, she has just defeated the coronavirus, being one of the greatest people in the world winning this battle ”.

For his part, Ada’s son said that overcoming the virus by her mother «is an immense joy and is a gesture of hope for all those who suffer from the disease.»

Source: RT

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